Pool & Spa Inspections

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The following are areas that a Pool/Spa Inspection will look at:

  • Adequacy of the Protective Barriers (Fencing)
  • Standard-Compliance for Deck Safety
  • Equipment Safety/Functionality
  • Damage To Property: Structural Damage
  •  Pool Leaking or Holes
  •  Drainage Problems
  •  Needed Repairs

A swimming pool is a highly appealing feature for South Florida homeowners and potential buyers. It’s critical to get a professional pool inspection before purchasing a home with a pool.

Inspections for Pool Safety ensure that the pool and its surroundings comply with current safety regulations. When a pool has not been adequately maintained or cared for, it may be subject to a variety of hazardous situations, including leaks, broken steps, faulty ladders/railings, blocked drainage/filtration systems, unsafe diving boards, dangerous deck

When you’re considering purchasing a house with a pool, having an expert pool inspection can reveal any problems, repairs, or threats based on the pool’s current condition. To receive a pool inspection in Tampa & surrounding areas, contact Home Inspection Pro’s.

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