Buyer's Home Inspection

We are here to help you find the perfect home, regardless of your needs. We understand that buying a new place can be scary and stressful so we will do all in our power not only for an unforgettable experience but also provide exceptional customer service!

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11th-Month Warranty Inspection

With the 11-month warranty in your new home, you need an independent evaluation before it expires!

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4-Point Inspection

Home inspections are necessary to make sure your home is safe and in good condition before you buy it. The state of Florida requires that all homes be inspected by a licensed inspector, so do not skip this important step!

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Pre - Listing Inspections

Pre-listing inspections are a great way to avoid surprises that can turn buyers away. These preparations allow you as the seller, an opportunity for homeowners with questions or concerns about their home before they sell it - which means less stress on both sides!

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Wind Mitigation Inspection

Homeowners who invest in Hurricane Wind Mitigation features can save big dollars on their insurance premiums every year.

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Thermal Imaging

With thermal imaging, an inspector is able to see places that the naked eye cannot. This technology helps determine potential air leaks and other important issues with energy efficiency in a home such as hot electrical wires or water intrusion - all without having any visual indicators!

What’s Inspected During The Home Inspection

A typical inspection includes:

The home inspection enables the client to determine what concerns may exist with the property and what repairs are necessary to repair them. For the benefit of the client, the home inspector acts in their best interests.

Living in a well-maintained home with all of the systems in good working order and with no structural issues is the greatest environment imaginable for any homeowner.

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