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Offering more value than the Competition!

At Home Inspection Professionals, Inc., we perform fast, efficient and superior home inspections. We provide Tampa Bay and surrounding areas with top of the services such as Complete Home Inspections, 4 Points Inspections, Wind Mitigations, or just a Property Check-Up for those out-of-town homeowners, we can help you with it all. In fact, we look forward to sharing our home inspection expertise with you!

Our family owned and operated business offers unbeatable prices and service for all of your home inspection needs. Don’t hesitate to call us and ask any questions you may have about your home inspection. If you would like to learn more about our home inspection services, please contact Home Inspection Professionals, Inc. for your free estimate and consultation. Call us at 813.334.1375 or write to our email: info@homeinspectprofessionals.com

We Only Use Florida Licensed Home Inspectors and Other Experts

As our Client, you deserve only Florida Licensed Professionals at your Inspection. Our Team includes Florida Licensed Home Inspectors, a Florida Licensed Certified General Contractor (CGC), and a Florida Licensed Certified Mechanical Contractor (CMC).

With our Team’s experience, you will benefit from the vast experience of our Inspecting structures of all types, ages, and complexity.

Our Team Leader has extensive experience assisting in the site investigation for differing types of foundation designs, soil classification, construction monitoring & inspection, and other critical task all associated with protecting our Clients.

We Notice Things That Others May Miss

There are certain things that all “Inspectors” must do on every Inspection. The industry software’s all follow industry mandated standards via a “Checklist” approach.

What the softwares and standards can’t do is see your future Home and identify not only the obvious things that any person would see, but the stuff many Inspectors wouldn’t see or know what they saw to identify an issue.

It isn’t that other Inspectors lack skills, many have not been exposed to inspections that have defects your prospective home may have or that have been hidden by the Seller.

We have one goal, to make sure you are not blind sided after your home purchase has Closed.

Be Confident In Your Property Transaction

The fact is that no Inspection is going to be perfect. No Home Warranty, Gold Star Protection, or any other marketing ploy will lessen the stress you will have if an unidentified defect rears it’s head after the Closing date.

With that said, you want the Team that Inspects your future Home to lessen the chance of that happening.

We do that by having our General Contractor and Mechanical Contractor at EVERY Inspection. This is not only a second set of eyes on many components of the home, it adds a breadth of knowledge most Inspectors lack.

Give us a chance to help you. We carry all State of Florida Mandated insurances so you can be confident.

In need of a home inspection?

Home Inspection Professionals, Inc. has been serving Hillsborough, Pasco & Pinellas Counties for over 20 Years!

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